White and Green

this classic mix of white and green flowers is always loved by all for any occassion

Approximately 24" wide x 20" tall


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Colors of the Rainbow

A colorfull mix of flowers including iris, sunflowers, gerbers, roses and more in large bubble bowl

Approximately 12" x 12"


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Dream On

a beautiful showy mix of white and pink flowers including gerbers, stock, lilies and more showcased in a large moon vase 

approximately 20" tall x 24" wide


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Shoot for the Stars

A beautiful mix of tall and round flowers in medium vase

Approximately 38" tall x 32" wide


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pastel dreams

dreamy arrangement of bright white lilies, yellow sweethearts and hydrangeas

approximately 30" tall x 26" wide


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Purple Fantasy

This beautiful mix includes flowers in pink, purple and white in large moon vase

Approximately 18" tall x 20" wide


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